Frequently asked questions

Insurance cover for the car includes: Civil Liability Insurance (TPL): Deductible for accidents: € 250. Annual maximum of € 40,000,000 for personal injury, € 10,000,000 for animal and property damage. Fire/Theft Insurance: No deductible for total fire/theft. Fixed deductible of € 775.00 for partial fire/theft. Accidental damage insurance: 15% deductible, with a minimum of € 1,000. Maximum cover of € 1,000 per crystal-related event. PAI insurance: up to € 100,000 for death or permanent disability, up to € 1,500 for medical expenses. Legal protection. Vandalism: with a 10% excess and a € 500 deductible. Procedures in the event of a Major Accident or Event In the event of a major accident or event, you must inform us immediately (within 12 hours of the event) so that we can activate the insurance cover.
Please provide the following details:
Date, time and place of the accident. Information on the driver's licence (type, issuing office, date of issue and expiry date). Data on the insurance company, address and policy number of the third parties involved, and details of the vehicles involved. Detailed description of the accident, including a floor plan, information on witnesses and any authorities involved. Extent of personal injury and property damage (injury, danger to life, death). Transported goods and objects are not covered by the insurance.
We require a minimum of 2 credit cards to offer you the possibility of splitting the deposit amount individually, so that you are not burdened with your daily expenses. In order to be able to rent one of our cars, there are certain minimum requirements to be met: Driver age limit: you must be at least 25 years old to rent any Porsche model. Valid driving licence: your driving licence must have been valid for at least 5 years on the date of signing the rental agreement. Credit card deposit: in order to guarantee the reservation and cover any damages, we require a deposit. The amount of this deposit starts at € 2,500.00 and may vary depending on the model selected. We offer three flexible rate options for the rental of our cars, designed to suit the needs of each customer: Daily Rate Pick up the vehicle and return it within 24 hours and drive up to 300 km. Ideal for those who want a short but intense experience with a Porsche. Weekend Rate Pick up the vehicle on Friday after 15.30 and return it the following Monday by 12.30. Maximum freedom to drive up to 900 km during the weekend. Weekly Rate Return the vehicle within 7 days of picking up and drive up to 2100 km. Perfect for those who want a Porsche experience with travel flexibility. Choose the rate that best suits your needs and enjoy the unmistakable Porsche car driving experience.